How to Stay Organized During the Holidays

The holidays are filled with the hustle and bustle of an exciting, yet stressful season. We stretch our budgets and our sanity to the max. If you don’t keep organized, you might lose your mind. We’ve got a few helpful tips to stay organized during the holiday season.

Set Goals

Setting goals will help your stress levels this holiday season. Decide your priorities and how you want to spend your time and money. Set goals for when you want decorations out, when you want to buy all of the gifts, and/or your plans for baking. Remember that you cannot say “yes” to everything or you’ll be stressed out. Remember this is a time to enjoy and make memories. If your goals don’t align with an event, go ahead and skip it. Sometimes you have too much to do to fit in all in without losing joy.


Clutter can make you crazy. The piles of toys, clothes and random items seem to get larger as the weeks go by. It’s time to go through the clutter to get ready for gifts. Make piles of donations, keep and trash. If something no longer serves a purpose, get rid of it. Put things where they belong instead of promising yourself that you’ll put it up next time you clean. This is the perfect time to get rid of the old and bring in the new.

Junk Removal

While you’re in the mode of de-cluttering, think about junk removal. You can hire a service that comes to get all of the big and small items. Attack your storage shed where there has to be all sorts of old tools and lawn equipment collecting dust. Get up in the attic and clear out old boxes. Your home will be rid of junk and ready for the stuff. You’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders when all of the old stuff is out of the house where it was just taking up space.

Organize Holiday Decor

Holiday decor can get out of control. While you’re getting it out, notice the things you no longer display. If you haven’t used it in the past few years, get rid of it. Some things are special or vintage while others are just boring old decorations. If you have a few sets of the same thing, donate one of them. Store these in special boxes so it’s easier to put out during the holiday season.

Bake In Bulk

Baking is a big holiday tradition for many families. The problem is that sometimes baking takes over the fun. Holiday baking takes a lot of time, so make sure that time is fun. Be creative and bake in bulk. Take time with the family so that everyone chimes in. After you’re done, you can package it up and be done. When the kids help, it might not be as pretty, but it’ll be even more special.

Holiday Gift Shopping

If you don’t organize your holiday gift shopping list, the idea of shopping may overwhelm you. Take charge and organize your shopping list. It will take a lot of time to scroll through your favorite sites or browse through the stores for the perfect gifts, so schedule it all out. Make a list of what each person wants. If you can’t find the time, ask someone to help you.

The holiday tips will help your season be free of stress. Don’t let the stress of the holidays take over as you rush to get everything done. As long as you organize and plan, things will be merry and bright.

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