How to Stay Fit While in College

Many college students want to be fit but are not able to. Though the desire is there, the difficulties of balancing class, projects, and a social life can make things hard. And if they have a part-time job to support their studies, then it becomes even more challenging.

But all is not lost as there are ways to manage one’s time to ensure physical wellness. The following are some helpful ways to do that.

#1 Exercise on the way to class

A simple way to keep your body moving is to walk or bike to class. Aside from keeping you fit, this also saves money for your other needs. Because you don’t want to be sweaty when entering class, you can bring an extra shirt with you or wake up earlier than usual, so it is not too hot. Some students pay for dissertation writing and go to the gym instead of sitting at home for hours. Another way to exercise is to use the stairs whenever possible. It’s a great way to tone and strengthen your leg muscles.

#2 Watch what you eat

Junk food is a favorite of many college students as it is cheap and easy to prepare. But too much junk food leads to weight gain and a lack of nutrients, which will affect your ability to focus in school. Be very conscious of what you eat, and try to substitute healthy and delicious food in place of junk food.

If the healthier options are more expensive where you are, especially if already prepared, then consider buying healthy ingredients at the grocery or the market and preparing the food yourself. There are many blogs and videos online that can help you.

#3 Get enough sleep

Not getting enough sleep is a problem many students face.  Yes, it may be because of complicated assignments, but other times, it is because of a lack of discipline.  Parties, late-night video games, binge-watching, and other activities may keep a student up late.  While it is a common sight to see other classmates who are bleary-eyed in class, you should not aim to look the same.

Insufficient rest will counteract any attempts of staying fit through exercise or eating right. Your body will just feel weaker, making it hard to continue your healthy activities, especially if you get sick. So sacrifice the nonessentials so you can get enough sleep.

#4 Commit to scheduled exercise

Aside from walking or biking to school, it helps to have scheduled exercise throughout the week as such exercise will push your body more compared to your trip to class. This exercise can be going to the gym, jogging, or biking more after school. Schedule it and commit to it so that it becomes a habit.

If you are having trouble motivating yourself to exercise alone, invite a friend so you can encourage one another. Another way is to treat yourself if you can stick to your schedule for an entire week.


Although it can be difficult to balance college life and staying fit, it can be done. Take note of the pointers above and commit to the process, keeping in mind that a healthy lifestyle is your ultimate goal.

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