How to Source Inspiration for Your Interior Office Design

While some businesses may consider their office space as little more than a centralised location in which their employees can operate, the statistics suggest that the typical workplace plays a far more influential role in the success or failure of firms. 

One of the most interesting statistics reveals that an estimated 25% of employees in the UK would be willing to commute an extra 30 minutes to work in their perfect office, and in this respect designing a viable workspace can help you to compete for the very best industry talent.

The question that remains, of course, is where can you source inspiration for your interior office design? We’ve listed some options below, so that you can make informed decisions when prior to commencing a specific project.

Workplace Statistics Pertaining to Design

As we’ve already demonstrated, entrepreneurs can access plenty of statistics pertaining to workplace design trends in the digital age. 

This type of information can be worth its weight in gold, as it enables you to understand the various ways in which the design of your workspace impacts on the motivation, morale and productivity of your employees.

For example, a study conducted by the World Green Building Council found that exposure to natural light increased productivity by 18% on average, while improved lighting in general increases output by up to 23%.

At the same time, it was found that workplaces recorded 11% gains in productivity after installing improved ventilation, and this ties in the fact that the introduction of plants into the office can also boost each employee’s level of focus and concentration.

Simply by taking these two statistics at face value, you can make informed changes to the design of your office in a bid to create a more appealing and productive working environment.

The Galleries of Commercial Interior Experts

With these and similar statistics in mind, it’s clear that skilled and specialist office design represents big business in 2020.

This market is also being led by a number of trail-blazing firms, who work on office refurbishments and commercial interiors throughout the UK and often publish imagery of their finished projects.

Make no mistake; these galleries offer a clear insight into the very best evocations of workplace design, while providing visual inspiration for the design and development of specific office spaces.

One a similar note, objective resources such as the Office Design Gallery collate the very best office design images from across the globe, while separating assets into specific industries and types of workplace for the benefit of readers.


While Pinterest may be a slightly more broad and generic resource, it nevertheless offers access to considerable inspiration when it comes to office and interior design.

The sheer size of this platform also guarantees access to a wide range of images and projects, with Pinterest boasting an impressive 322 million monthly active users in 2019. Pinterest is also one of the fastest-growing social media platforms around, with its total number of users having increased by 30% year-on-year in Q2 2019.

Ultimately, it’s the diversity and the quantity of office interior images available that make Pinterest such an inspirational resource, while this also makes it easier to find relevant and practical ideas that suit your particular workplace.

When combined with some of the alternative resources referenced above, there’s no doubt that you can plan an intelligent and informed office refurbishment that benefits all parties going forward.

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