How To Put Your Best Fashion Foot Forward

Whether it is a weekend away with your partner, a night on the town with your girls or stay-cation with family, it is so important to both look and feel like yourself. After all, part of feeling good is looking good! Confidence comes from many areas, but feeling stylish and put together can definitely enhance the way you and others perceive yourself. Follow this style guide and learn how to put your best foot forward when entering the fashion world, and remember that everyone’s style is unique and on-trend, so don’t be afraid to have fun with it!

Start From the Top

One great way to accessorize any look is with a nice hat. There are many kinds of trendy women’s hats that you can add to your look, like felt-lined fedoras or wide-brim floppy hats, so check out your local shops and see what fits and feels good. Accessorizing with a hat is not only cute and fashionable, but can protect your skin from harsh outdoor elements or even hide a bad hair day! Or, if it’s windy, a hat can help keep your hair in place as you walk about the town. No matter which kind of topper you choose to wear, you can’t go wrong!

Accessorize Your Arms

You may not think that having the right hand bag or jewelry can have a large impact on your style, but these pieces can easily make or break a look! For example, if you are on a getaway vacation, you will want to invest in a cute cowhide overnight bag or new purse so that you can have a fun pop of color and pattern to break up drab traveling clothes. Having a bag that can seamlessly blend with any outfit while still being a statement piece shows that you understand the fluidity of fashion! 

Step Into New Shoes

While breaking in a new pair of shoes is not the most desirable activity, it is a necessary element when putting together a killer outfit. If your new bag or trendy hat aren’t quite enough to make the statement that you desire, finding a new pair of heels, flats, wedges or sneakers can really pull together your entire look. Make sure you find something that you know you will be comfortable in — some women love wearing heels, while others would rather go barefoot than slip on a stiletto! Don’t let top trends scare you out of buying something that you’ll actually enjoy wearing, like a comfortable flat or sandal.

Being fashionable does not necessarily mean fitting into one trend or stereotype. Choose items that allow you to express your individualism and personal style so that you can feel comfortable and confident on every adventure! Remember that accessorizing is key and can even provide extra levels of comfort and practicality along the way, such as a well-fitting hat keeping off the sun or a new, sturdy bag holding all of your necessary belongings in one place. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone, either — you may just be surprised at how much you like different styles!