How to Prevent Teen Speeding

How to Prevent Teen Speeding

Many parents worry about their teens on the road. This makes sense because car accidents can be dangerous and teens are still learning how to properly drive. On top of this, some teens will want to speed so they can enjoy the thrill or get to their destination faster. If you’re worried about your teen, then you should use these tips to help prevent speeding.

Talk With Them

Above all else, you should talk with your teens about speeding and the dangers of it. Many teens don’t think about these dangers when they go on the road, so having mature discussions with them can help. This means you should give them advice and talk about why they shouldn’t speed, but you should also listen to their questions and remarks.

It shouldn’t feel like a lecture since most teens will tune out what you’re saying if you take this approach. Instead, you should have a conversation with your teen as equals. This way, you can respect each other while encouraging safety on the road.

Avoid Drugs and Alcohol

Many teens will feel tempted to experiment with drugs and alcohol to see how it affects their bodies. However, it’s important to realize that drugs are illegal and alcohol is illegal for people under 21. On top of this, it’s against the law for anyone to drive when they have drugs or alcohol in their systems.

It’s important for teens to realize that these substances will impair their driving, so they should never go on the road whil under the influence. Make sure that your teens understand that it would be safer to get a ride home over driving in those conditions.

Proper Training

If you don’t want your teen to speed, then you should focus on proper training so that he or she can avoid it. This means that you should talk about the importance of speed limits, ensure that your teen follows them and that they avoid putting themselves in danger.

However, some parents may not have the patience to properly train their teens. If this is the case for you, then you can always get a friend to take them driving so they can be properly trained and avoid speeding. This way, you can help your teen remain safe and develop good driving habits.

Road Conditions

Speed limits let people know the speed that they should go under ideal conditions. Due to this, teens need to realize that they can’t go the speed limit when it rains, snows or if they face any other dangerous conditions. Depending on the situation, they should go five or so miles under the listed speed limit.

Your teen could face more dangers and problems while speeding, or even going the speed limit, during poor road conditions. Because of this, you need to explain to your teen that he or she should go below the speed limit when they face these impairments.

Teach Them Responsibility

Above all else, your teen should learn the importance of responsibility while on the road. Even if you do your best to teach your teen to avoid speeding, he or she may speed when you aren’t in the car. This means that teens, at the end of the day, are the only ones that can truly stop themselves from speeding.

Even though you can’t directly control their speed, you can teach them responsibility to avoid speeding in the first place. This way, teens will realize the dangers of speeding and avoid doing so to avoid injuries and damages.


Teens will sometimes speed because they don’t think about the dangers or consequences of such actions. Because of this, you should strive to educate and keep them safe, as their parent, so they can be responsible with cars. This will help them to become better drivers and avoid tickets.