How to Prepare Your Dog to Be Transported

For dog owners, keeping your dogs safe and happy is a top priority. Using a pet transport service is the ideal way to transport your dog when you aren’t able to, but it will take your dog some time to get used to the idea of being transported. To make it easier for your dog, you should familiarize your dog with a kennel and car rides and speak to your dog’s vet if he has any anxiety or motion sickness. Using a pet transport service will make things easier on you, and it only takes a few steps to make it easy for your dog too.

1. Familiarize your dog with a kennel.

Most likely, your dog will be transported in a kennel so it’s best to take time and familiarize him with one. You should practice him being in a kennel for a length of time similar to how long he will be transported for, and if possible, you should practice riding him around in the kennel.

2. Take your dog on car rides.

Before your dog is transported by a service, you should spend some time familiarizing him with car rides. Depending on how long he is being transported for, he should go both on short and long car rides. He needs to be familiar with however he is going to be transported; if he is going to be transported in a kennel, he doesn’t need to practice doing car rides with free reign of the car.

3. Talk to the vet about medication.

If your dog has separation anxiety or motion sickness, you should speak with your vet about giving your dog medicine. You want the transport to be as easy on your dog as possible, and reducing his anxiety and discomfort is the first place to start.

4. Make sure your dog has enough food and water.

If your dog is going to be transported around or during any meal times, you need to pack food and water for him. While the transport service might provide water, you need to include the specific type of food that your dog eats so you can reduce the possibility of tummy trouble. No matter how long your dog is being transported for, it doesn’t hurt to pack a few of his favorite treats for a nice surprise.

5. Check with the transport service for specifics.

It’s always a good idea to check with the transport service for any specific guidelines or recommendations that they have. You need to follow their rules and advice because they have done this numerous times before. If you have more than one dog, can they be transported together? Do you need to provide the kennel? Will your dog get breaks to stretch his legs? These are all questions you need to ask.

6. Walk your dog before the transport service arrives.

Before your dog travels by car, you should try to get out as much of your dog’s energy as possible, and taking your dog on a walk is the perfect way to do so. If your dog is tired, he’ll most likely sleep during the transport which will make it easier on him.

7. Pack a comfort item.

Whether it’s a favorite toy or blanket, you should check with the transport service to see if they’ll allow you to include a comfort item for the road. This will make it easier for your dog to adjust because he’ll have a piece of home with him. Just be sure that whatever you pack is safe for your dog to have without supervision.

Before sending your dog to be transported by a transport service, you should make sure he is ready for the journey. To make it less stressful on your dog, you should pack a comfort item and make sure he has his food and favorite treats. If your dog senses you are nervous, he’ll be nervous too so it’s best if you take time to prepare both you and your dog before using a pet transport service.

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