How to Make Your Lighting More Luxurious With Led Chandeliers

A chandelier is a hanging ceiling fixture for a kitchen, living room or foyer. Chandeliers are decorative light fixtures for luxurious home lighting. These light fixtures are available in some designs to suit your style statement. 

It is essential to get the fixture with decorative lighting fixtures, which complements your home decor and lighting layout just as effectively. 

Chandeliers or ornamental lighting fixtures are a symbol of prestige and luxury, despite that they are quite common and affordable according to their type and size. There are not only old fashioned and old styled chandeliers, now there are modern chandeliers that are integrated with new innovative technology. 

Types of chandeliers: 


Glass chandeliers are very much like modern-day LED bulbs in a basket. These chandeliers are beautiful and mimic crystal-like chandeliers due to their design and color versatility. They are pretty and conventional decorative lights, which are super convenient and add a regal touch to any room’s layout. 


A rustic candle chandelier is always a style statement out of the Victorian era. They are essential for dining halls, bedrooms, kitchens or hallways. They add a vintage touch to modernized spaces. The light fixtures are integrative with flickering bulbs, which portray burning candles. These chandeliers are also available in different sizes and designs and add a quirky touch to the decorative layout. 


Crystal chandeliers add a dramatic touch to homes or any interior. They have highly perplexing based on the size, design and shape. They have many unique shapes and are the best fit for living rooms, dining halls, entryways, hallways etc. Crystal chandeliers help create a progressive outlook of any lavish room interior. 


Shaded chandeliers are decorative chandeliers but for comparatively formal settings. They add a distinctive touch or create a focal point in moderately standard interiors. These are great for moody lighting for bedrooms, waiting for a lounge in offices etc. The shade determines the angle, intensity and direction of light. They are available in different shades, sizes and styles. They can be layered with the furniture of the room. 

Things to consider before installing a chandelier

While choosing a chandelier, it is essential to consider a few factors to get the best decorative layout. These factors are: 

Size of the room

The lighting layout of any room must be complementing the room. The decorative fixtures should be in proportion with the room’s sizing, so it doesn’t feel overwhelming layered with other light fixtures.  If the chandelier is placed in the middle of the room, it should cover the space’s three-quarter.

A simple formula to get the dimensions is to add the room’s dimensions together in feet and then convert it to inches. The height of the chandelier is equal to those inches. 

Height of a chandelier

The chandelier’s height is of essential consideration as it can take up the room’s entire overhead space and might as well obstruct light from other fixtures. The chandelier’s size depends on the height of the ceiling; it can be extended through the chains or pendants they suspend from. 

Consider the furniture layout

The decorative fixtures must compliment the layout of the room, specifically the furniture in the room. It should enhance it and match the style of the table. The furniture placement and type can depict a modern or vintage mood; the chandelier must contrast it. 

Make the chandelier Focal Point of the Room

Specifically, the chandeliers are vibrant, evidently large decorative light fixtures; they aren’t discreet. To enhance or create an outlook of a particular space, one can make them the room’s focal point by keeping the rest of the furnishing on the down-low. It creates a moody and elegant look without being too luxurious. 


LED chandeliers are a great addition to modern or period homes. It helps create a personalized style statement and depicts eccentric taste when it comes to interior decor. LED chandeliers to add a luxurious touch to any interior’s lighting layout and are a good bet for money as they help create fundamentally specific lighting layout for any interior be it homes, restaurants, banquets, offices, etc.