How To Make Extra Cash With Sublimation Printing

When you are thinking of making extra money at home, you can turn to sublimation printing. All you need is a heat press and some good ideas. There are a few tips below that explain how you can turn sublimation printing into a second job, hire some staff, and make the most of your new business. If you do not have any experience in the industry, you can still learn how to manage sublimation printing with relative ease.

What Does Sublimation Printing Do?

When you want to use a heat press, you can set up a small shop in your home or garage. You need a little bit of space around the press, and you need quality designs that you can add to these shirts. You could print on several different articles of clothing, and you can do the job quickly.

How Do You Create Designs?

You can create designs for your sublimation printing business, and you can design anything you want. Some people will use basic designs that they have not drawn on their own. You could build some designs online that can be printed into a stamp that you can use on each shirt, or you can build designs that you have drawn yourself.

You could turn your art style into a sublimation printing system, or you could use designs that have been made by orders. You could take custom orders, print the designs, and set them up to print on each shirt or article of clothing you have chosen. By doing this, you have a custom order business, your standard line, and you can make special shirts for friends and family.

Partner With Local Organizations

You should partner with local organizations so that you can add more orders to your weekly schedule. When you work with local organizations, you can create shirts and clothing for local sports teams, youth leagues, schools, school organizations, and clubs. It is very easy for local organizations to work with you because you can see Little League teams wear your shirts, sell shirts to school clubs, or sell shirts for local events.

When you partner with local organizations, these groups will advertise on your behalf. You can make a lot of money every month because there are several different events and clubs to work with. You might go to your old teachers to ask them if they need shirts for clubs and groups. You could approach every youth sports league, and you can make it easier for people in the area to buy these shirts and clothing.

When you become the more affordable option for your clients, you will begin to add more clients to your calendar. You will have a lot of loyal customers who prefer to work with you because you have good prices, and you will continue to gain customers because you have not allowed your business to become overpriced.

Work With Friends And Family

When you are ready to start selling items you have printed, you can work with friends and family to grow your business. You need more employees if you want your printing business to grow, and you could even ask your children to help you. This is a good way for teens to make money, and you could even grow the business with your kids.

When your kids have a stake in the business, they can learn all about printing, help you, and even take over the business when they graduate college. While you may have planned to make a little bit of extra cash, you could change careers if you determine that making heat press clothing is easier than the job you do today.


As you plan to make money from home, you can use a heat press to do sublimation printing today. It is very easy for you to make money with this system when you are working with local organizations. You can bring in friends and family to help you, and you can continue to work with your kids or relatives as the business grows. You could even change careers because you want to print full-time. This can all start with a heat press and a few designs you have found online.

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