How to Make a Wedding Reception Unique While on a Budget

How to Make a Wedding Reception Unique While on a Budget

Weddings can remain memorable if appropriately planned for. You don’t need a lot of money to plan a fantastic wedding. The following are some tips to enable you to plan for your wedding reception while on budget and still make it fantastic.

Find an Alternative Wedding Reception Venue

Expensive reception venues escalate your wedding budget, which may easily lead to a financial burden. Consider finding reception venues that are away from busy towns. If you have a friend with a spacious backyard space, you can consider hiring that space for a lower price.

You can also use the church grounds as a reception venue to minimize logistics costs. Try as much as possible to look for lower-priced reception venues within your area, and remember to make your booking earlier to avoid any frustrations or inconveniences.

Do Your Wedding on a Weekday

Wedding reception venues are costly during the weekends due to high demand. You should consider scheduling your weekday to save the wedding venue hiring costs. You can also consider having your wedding during a non-summer period since the demand is low thus, the charges are also low.

Use String Outdoor Lights

Using string outdoor lights spice up the appearance of your wedding venue and create a thrilling ambiance. You should consider using string outdoor lights, which are easily affordable and portable. These outdoor lights come in different lengths and designs; thus, they are the best option compared to other outdoor lighting options.

An advantage of the string outdoor lights is that you can reuse them in your house as Christmas lights once your wedding ceremony is over. Due to the long length of the string outdoor lights, you won’t need to have multiple extensions to power them.

Invite Limited Guests

Some wedding reception venues vary the rates depending on the number of guests. It is advisable to invite a limited number of guests to save on the cost of hiring a large reception venue. When choosing guests, consider inviting close people to you.

Use Simple Decorations

Using simple decorations will also save you on your wedding reception costs. You should consider using decorations that you can also store and use at your house even after the wedding. You can consider simple designs such as hanging balloons in the venue.

Consider Cost-Effective Entertainment

A wedding is incomplete with insufficient entertainment thus, you should ensure you leave a smile on your guests’ faces. You can forego hiring a live band and hire an affordable band to save on your reception budget. You can also create your playlist from iTunes, Pandora, or Spotify account, connecting your mobile device to the sound system.

Plan Budget-Friendly Meals

While planning the meals for your reception, consider including budget-friendly meals such as pasta dishes, finger foods, and sandwiches. With budget-friendly meals, you will be able to provide plenty for your guests and, on the other hand, save a lot.

There is no doubt that you can make your wedding reception unique by utilizing the above budget-friendly tips. Always scrutinize your wedding reception budget and eliminate unnecessary items.