How To Land Yourself An Amazing House Party

Has another weekend passed, and your level of excitement peaked around the decision on what to have for dinner? Or the pinnacle of adventure was finding a good deal in the cupboard aisle on your weekly supermarket shop? Have you spent more time browsing Netflix than watching a movie? Going out to meet your friends at your local watering hole has gotten stale and heading to your local dance club now feels as familiar as crawling in your own bed? And holding another dinner party has you looking for obscure recipes as you have exhausted your repertoire? If the answer is yes to all of these, it might be time to mix things up a bit. What about a change of scenery? Have you ever considered getting your friends together and renting one of the fantastic party houses that are on offer? It’s much more in reach than you would imagine.

You can rent out a beautiful cottage, huge manor houses or even a castle for a full week or a weekend, kicking it up a notch for your next party. So, if you are planning for a birthday party, for you or for someone else, or you want to sort out the next Christmas destination, have a look on what’s on offer, you will be surprised how affordable it is, especially if you are sharing the costs.

Not only will you get yourself a fantastic location, but it also makes the experience more enjoyable for everyone as it combines the luxury feel of being at a hotel with the comfort of privacy and exclusivity being at a private venue. Here are some tips to make sure your house party rocks!

Landing An Amazing Party House

Location, location, location. Finding the right location is critical to start with it. Look for something not too close, but also not too close to the guests. If you go for something too close by, it won’t feel like an escape for some. If you choose something too far, it might take a full day travelling, which will either cut into the rental time or force people to take days off just to get there.

The ideal travelling time would be 3-4 hours maximum by car. Consider renting out a private bus to get everyone there. If the guests don’t need to think about travel, they can relax and enjoy themselves from the get-go.

What’s also important to consider is getting out of the house for the duration of your stay. What’s is there to do in the area? Most rentals offer great countryside walks, quaint little villages, fishing, shooting, golf and more active sports such as rafting, paintball and climbing. Some of these will require a car to be accessible, so keep that in mind if you are renting out a van to get people to the destination. You can always stress the need for guests to bring their wellies if you want to go basic.

Once the activities out of the house are sorted, it’s time to consider the time you will be in the house. Look for the amenities the rental houses have to offer, such as pools, indoor and outdoor, games room such as snooker or table tennis, tennis courts, jacuzzis and fireplaces.

Also, consider if catering is available or if you should self-cater. If anyone is bringing pets, check if that’s a possibility as well. And for those who don’t believe in a digital detox. Check if Wi-Fi is included.

What’s usually handy is getting in touch with owners to introduce yourself and asks for things to do or about some details about facilities. You will be surprised how much owners can supply and how willing they are to make your stay even better. It can be simple stuff as the owner listing all the board games he has, or that he or she will throw in some firewood for the fireplace, or even giving you a good deal from the local butcher for your BBQ.

Owners are willing to go a long way if they feel that their property will be looked after well.

Renting out a big manor or castle also offers you unique ways to make things more special. What about a Harry Potter themed getaway? Or a murder mystery event? You can even hire actors to come in and really take it to the next level. Or get a mixologist in for some cocktail making. And if you are fresh out of ideas, get a karaoke set.

Nothing is more guaranteed hilarity than alcohol, karaoke and the lack of inhibitions because you’re at a private property!


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