How to Keep Bugs Out This Spring

How to Keep Bugs Out This Spring

Spring is a welcoming season for everyone. It’s a time when the temperature starts to rise after the cold chilly winter. As everything comes back to life, people start to enjoy their outdoor activities once again. Unfortunately, this is also the time when bugs become active after being dormant in the preceding chilly months. Some of the common bugs that reappear during spring include the sugar ants, winged ants, little black ants, and other pests. Fortunately, the following tips will help you keep these unwanted pests out of your home this spring.

Maintain cleanliness

The first and golden rule of keeping the bugs out of your home is observing cleanliness. Usually, the bugs get attracted to spills, crumbs, and dirt left inside your house. Therefore, you need to take your time and do a thorough cleaning of your entire home. Also, develop a habit of washing your dishes as soon as you finish eating. You can also vacuum clean your floors frequently to remove small food particles that would otherwise attract the bugs. When vacuuming, you need to focus more on the carpet as it attracts more bugs than most places.

Prune trees and shrubs away from your home

In many cases, the bugs will use trees and shrubs as a bridge to crawl into your home. To avoid this, you can cut off any shrubs or bushes near your windows, doors, or roof. Also, you need to keep your lawn short to destroy the migration routes for these pests. According to experts, some bugs find their herbage spaces in the vegetation. This can lead to their multiplication and eventually colonizing your home.

Seal cracks and clefts

As the weather warms in spring, bugs will be in a rush to find places with enough food for their colonies. Fortunately, your home shouldn’t be their destination. In many cases, they will look for open windows, doors, cracks, crevices, or holes to get inside your house. As a homeowner, you should ensure that all these pathways are sealed to prevent their entry. You can use ant sealants or copper mesh to seal holes.

Use natural repellents

There are plenty of natural options that you can use to keep the bugs from your structure. According to experts, certain bugs can be turned off with certain smells. For instance, if you want to prevent ants from your home, you can clean your floors, cupboards, and entry points with vinegar or turmeric.

Additionally, you can clean your floors, verandas, and balcony with soap to kill and destroy their chemical trails. This prevents future ants from invading your home. If you suspect high traffic of bugs around, you can use fresh cucumber peels to repel them away.

Stay dry

Bugs are usually attracted to water sources for drinking and breeding purposes. If you have a habit of leaving your kitchen sink with water and dirty utensils, know that this is a magnet for bugs. To avoid this, always check out for moisture in your house and dry them off. Alongside that, check out your gutters and ascertain that they are working properly. These simple tips will deny the bugs the opportunity to use your house as a drinking/breeding pot, especially if the water is scarce outside.


After the cold winter, spring presents a time where everything seems to come back to life again. Unfortunately, bugs also take advantage of the weather to invade our homes. However, the measures mentioned above will ensure that the pests don’t ruin your season. In the event that you experience a massive invasion of the bugs, make sure you reach out for help from a specialist.