How to Improve Your Everyday Life With Regular Massage

Massage has been used in the treatment of medical conditions for hundreds of years. It has remained a popular alternative treatment even as advances in medical science have given us more treatment options than ever. Massage can be used as either primary treatment or to supplement something else, depending on the problem you’re experiencing.

Massage can be beneficial in the treatment of both physical and mental health issues. These are just a few of the common conditions that can be improved by regular massage.

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Back pain

For people who work in office jobs, or any job that involves heavy lifting, lower back pain is extremely common. It’s just as common in mostly seated jobs as it is in more active jobs due to the pressure that sitting places on the spine and lower back muscles. The problem only gets worse if we fail to maintain a proper upright posture and slouch over our desks, and let’s be honest, most of us do! Solve the problem by spending part of the day at a standing desk, or maintaining good lumbar support with an ergonomic desk chair.

If you do start to notice twinges or niggles in your back, visit a massage therapist before it gets any worse. Prevention is always better than cure.

Repetitive strain injury

Repetitive strain injury, or RSI, is increasingly common, especially in the workplace. This is because it’s caused by continually using certain parts of the body. For example, it’s when sitting at a desk, typing at a computer, or using certain tools. The first symptom of RSI is usually numbness, tightness, or a tingling sensation in the affected part of the body, usually the hands, wrists, neck, shoulders, or back.

People who are at risk of RSI can reduce their chances of injury by using more ergonomic equipment while at work, and making sure they maintain proper posture while sitting at a desk.

Tennis elbow

Despite the name, tennis elbow doesn’t just strike tennis players. Anyone who does a job or takes part in a sport that involves constantly bending the wrist backward is at risk. This is because this constant bending motion places a huge strain on the muscles and tendons of the elbow. Massage should be used in combination with physiotherapy for the fastest possible recovery.

Anxiety and depression

Massage is a relaxing, soothing experience that’s proven to help people who suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. It’s not just because of the candlelight and soothing music. Scientific studies have shown that massage actually lowers levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and boosts the ‘happy’ hormones serotonin and dopamine.

Migraine and tension headaches

Headaches can be caused by stress, general tension, and tiredness, as well as being a symptom of other health conditions. Regular massage eases muscular tension and can significantly alleviate the symptoms. Studies have shown that people who suffer from chronic migraines who receive regular massages experience milder symptoms and improved sleep.

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