How to Have the Perfect Fishing Trip

Middle-aged man with three sons holding fishing rods smiling (portrait)

When summer is in full swing, there is nothing like going on a fishing trip to make the most of the warm weather. If the fish are biting in your area, you have to get out there and catch them. Planning the perfect fishing trip is a fun task that results in the adventure of a lifetime. Before you embark on the perfect summer getaway, keep in mind the following tips to ensure it is nothing but smooth sailing.

The Perfect Plan

Before you hit the open waters, you want to have a good plan in place. Planning beforehand can make the difference between a good fishing trip and an epic fishing trip. Start by picking out which river or lake you will be going to fish on. This will give you an idea of what kind of fishing vessel (if any) is best as well as what types of fish you will find once you are out there on the water. Depending on the type of fishing you will be doing, you will need to have a boat or access to a long pier. Both are great options.

From there, start mapping out the days of the week to prepare for the weather. Nothing ruins a fishing trip quite like days of heavy rain and lightning. If storms are in the forecast, do not panic right away. Mornings and evenings are great times of day to fish if you are in deeper water and also tend to be harbingers of calm weather.

Additionally, You will also want to pack up your vehicle with all the essentials you will need. Do so well in advance so getting on the road is a breeze and not something that slows you down – and dampens your mood. Be sure to pack in such a way that everything you will need immediately is very easily accessible. Finally, you will want to let someone know your itinerary. It is always better to be safe, even if your fishing trip is only for a day or two. If something were to happen, you want someone to know where you were, so help will be readily available.

By being prepared, you will not fall victim to any unwanted surprises.

Good Company

The next ingredient for the perfect fishing trip is bringing along good company. If you are going fishing just for the day, do not be afraid to bring along some new friends. For longer trips, though, it is best to stick to tried and true companions. Remember that a solo trip is fine as well. Sometimes me, myself, and I are all the company we need. And there is nothing like good company when it comes to long days and nights of fishing.


There is something to be said about being prepared. The last thing you want is to get out on the open water and realize that you did not pack anything to keep you going. Remember to bring plenty of water. A gallon a day per person is a good rule to abide by. If you will be fishing in the sun, it is best to increase that limit by another half a gallon per person. Do not forget food, as well. Fishing might seem like a low impact sport, but it stirs up an appetite to be sure. Pack plenty of easy, hand-held snacks for when you are on the boat or dock and actually fishing. If you are going to be camping at night, bring a nice charcoal grill and really get in tune with nature during your fishing trip. It is one of those things that you simply will not regret.

Everyone loves a good fishing trip. By taking the time to meticulously map yours out, you will ensure that it is fun and productive. Make this summer’s fishing trip one that you remember for all the right reasons.

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