How to Find the Right Dog Bed for Your Pet with Arthritis

A dog truly is man’s best friend. But when that friend ages, they may start to slowly fade. Once they do, you’ll quickly notice how their once cheerful gait is now a somber canter and isn’t as spry as it was when they were in their prime. If you are the owner of a dog, it’s your duty to be proactive in spotting such early symptoms of disease in your canine friend. 

Arthritis in Dogs

Dogs have an interesting way of communicating with their human masters—barks, staring, or tail-wagging. However, when a dog gets sick, their communication changes slightly, especially if your dog has arthritis. Below are the few different ways a dog can tell you that they’re suffering from arthritis:

  • Slow, stumbling gait
  • Lethargy
  • Pained barks when touched in specific areas
  • Difficulty standing up from a sleeping position
  • Joint licking
  • Depression
  • Aggressive or agitated behavior
  • Reluctance to engage in activity

If your dog has any of the above symptoms, do not allow them to sleep on a hard surface as this may cause them even more pain than they’re already in. What you will need is a dog bed with removable washable cover perfect for the size and shape of your aged buddy. If you’re looking for a specific bed for a specific breed of dog, there are several kinds of them all over the internet. There are even sites that may help you find a more luxurious goldendoodle bed for your part-lab, part-poodle pal.

With so many choices out in the open, you might be overwhelmed by the variety. Fear not, because this article will help you choose your friend’s new cozy cushion by laying out the different qualities of a bed that might suit them best.

  1. Start with the Size of the Bed

Naturally, dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s certainly best to start with the size of your pet. Bigger dog breeds will need bigger cushions with better overall support, and smaller dogs will need something smaller that can provide adequate support all around. A good way to determine the space your friend needs is by measuring them as they sleep. After taking these measurements, it’s time to pick a bed. But let’s not just pick any bed here—after all, we’re talking about arthritic dogs. 

  1. Look for Orthopedic Support

This should be the biggest factor you consider when looking for an arthritic dog’s bed. To be successful in helping ease your dog’s aching joints, you must consider the thickness and type of the foam used for the bed’s cushioning as a material like memory foam won’t do it for them all the time. An elevated dog bed manages to distribute the dog’s weight and support its body all over.

  1. Pick a Bed with Gentle Material

As unfortunate as it sounds, when dogs get older, their skin thins drastically and they bruise and wound easily after scratching or rough play. So, you will want a dog bed that is soft to the touch, and waterproof or water-resistant to boot—just like humans, dogs become incontinent when they are older, so bed wetting will be much more frequent than when they were in their prime. A sign that your dog might be suffering from arthritis is that they’ll choose to urinate indoors as opposed to going out for relief.

In addition, nothing beats a cotton cover. But when you wash the cover, be sure not to use fabric softener as this is quite toxic to dogs.

  1. Consider the Price

With all these different types of material—feather-soft foam, fabrics that you’ve never heard of, gildings, branding—it all comes down to you deciding on your budget. However, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for a cheap dog bed that deteriorates after the first few weeks of use. You will want something that will last you and your canine friend more years to come as this will be the place they’ll often rest and ease their pain when they’re tired.

Rest Those Aching Bones

Choosing a dog bed for an arthritic, aging dog can be a difficult task—after all, we only ever want to provide the best for our pets—but it doesn’t have to be too difficult. By following the tips and considerations presented here, you should be able to find a dog bed that is appropriate for your dog and thus be able to give your best friend a comfortable place to rest. 

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