How To Create A Great Corporate Campus Employees Enjoy Going To

The days of going to the office for some people are over permanently due to their personal choices. Remote work is very attractive to so many individuals due to the freedom it provides. There are some corporations that allow employees to come to the campus optionally. Others have a hybrid work environment as collaboration is easier in some roles when employees are there physically. A great campus can compete with remote work job offers if the perks the company offers at the campus are unrivaled. Facebook/Meta is a great example of a corporate campus that helps employees grow. Below are some tips to invest in a corporate campus that employees will look forward to going to. 

Areas To Work Or Relax

Wiring the entire campus with Wi-Fi can allow employees to work outdoors. Some studies have shown that getting enough sunlight can actually help some professionals become more productive. Commercial landscaping companies will have to be enlisted to handle the landscaping on the campus. You want to pick a company that specializes in working at high-end commercial properties. A nice place to sit for lunch or work during the day can help people get out of the office mentally and physically. 

A Building For Career Development

Career development is something that all professionals are looking for. Employees that want to develop skills can be given a place to do so. This can be a place where employees can work on their own projects or collaborate with one another. Google does this quite well and a number of companies have arisen from side projects taken on by the search engine giant’s employees. Providing materials to obtain certain certifications can be an investment in employees that will be highly appreciated. 

Fitness Center

A place where employees can exercise can be very important. Stress can build over the course of the day and a gym at the office can allow for a convenient workout. There might even be some employees that use their breaks to hit the gym rather than doing this after the day. Basketball courts can be a place where certain employees can feed their competitive spirit. A healthy staff will be a happier staff and it is truly a perk to save on the gym monthly. 

Employee Cafeteria 

Free lunches can be very important for employees that might be struggling financially. The age of inflation has caused perks like free lunch to become that much more valuable. This can be a place where people can bond that do not interact on a daily basis in a professional capacity. There will still be employees that leave campus for lunch though. Breakfast being provided is another option if there are people working different shifts. 

The creation of a great corporate campus can help improve employee morale and retention. There are so many great corporate campuses around the world. The investment in the land the campus is built on has been leveraged as collateral for further investments by a number of corporations. Working with an architect that has handled a campus construction project will be very important.

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