How to Choose Concert Choir Outfits for a High School Choir

How to Choose Concert Choir Outfits for a High School Choir

Finding the right concert choir outfits for your high school choir can mean more than long robes over dress clothes. To make sure that you have garments that suit the solemnity of your concerts and meet your budget, consider garments that are easy to fit and easy to care for.

Start with Black

A simple black tux or dress always looks clean and sharp from the audience. While high school students are still growing, a tux or dress that can be easily laundered and hung back up is a wise investment. For more casual concerts or holiday events, you can change up the look by adding a colored bow tie for the guys or a simple draped scarf for the ladies.

As you choose your concert choir outfits, it may make sense to consider separates for the ladies as well as the gents. For example, a collection of elastic waist skirts and tunic tops may make sense if your choice includes 10th graders as well as 12th graders. Should a dress grow too snug or too short, you may be scrambling to find a better-fitting garment. Swapping out a skirt will be much simpler.

Focus on the Sleeves

While a tuxedo ensemble always includes a jacket, women’s garments offer more flexibility. Take care not to choose sleeves that are too short. Bare arms come in all shapes and sizes. By dressing everyone the same, uniformity is the goal. If you leave too many arms bare, you will lose the uniform look.

Long sleeves with a simple cuff are likely your best choice. For the gentlemen, a long-sleeved white shirt that peeps out at the end of the jacket will create a clean, uniform line. These choices will also save you the frustration of visible tattoos.

Choose Shoes Carefully

Choosing just one shoe for all students is generally the best way to go. While character shoes can look very sharp on stage, women’s character shoes can be quite noisy. Additionally, the heel height may change sight lines for some in the back rows.

Simple black shoes with a soft sole may be the best choice for all performers. Ladies will need to wear either black hose or black tights, while men wear black dress socks. While it is true that unisex shoes are not terribly feminine, they will blend in better with black hosiery and be much more comfortable. For uniformity, consider investing in shoes with a matte black finish.

A Word About Jewelry and Other Accessories

Many young people enjoy jewelry as a way to express their individuality. For concert night, it’s critical that you have a strict rule about eye-catching jewelry choices.

  • Earrings: nothing sparkly, nothing dangling
  • Uniform necklaces for ladies or no necklace allowed at all
  • A limit of one ring per hand

This is particularly crucial if your performers hold up folders for some of their music. Multiple rings, sparkly necklaces, or heavy bracelets will draw the eye and damage the uniform look you’re trying to create. Save special accessories and jewelry for solo and ensemble contests or for your pop concert.


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