How SMS Messages Can Help Your Business Grow

The first cell phone with a keyboard was invented in 1993, and in that same year, the first text message was successfully sent. The invention of short message service (SMS) revolutionized the way people communicate with each other, and it had a great impact on how digital communication progressed to reach its current stage. 

With many people relying on SMS messages as their primary means of communication, businesses saw an opportunity to market their products through this channel. In this guide, we will highlight how SMS can help your business grow.

  • Generate Leads

The percentage of online traffic from mobile phones has increased from 4.7% in 2011 to 52.3% in 2020. Moreover, 80% of the millennial generation reported that their phone is the first thing they look at in the morning, and 87% said they always have their cell phone close by. This proves how much people use their cell phones today. Now that we’ve established that a lot of people are on their phones most of the time, using SMS as a way to communicate with your customers is more likely to generate leads than if you were to use any other channel. 

  • Follow up on Leads

Generating leads is not enough; most of the time, customers might forgo your offer or completely forget about it. That’s why it’s necessary that you follow up on your leads. Oftentimes, customers might not check their emails, or they may fail to answer your phone calls, but 99% of the time they will read a text message and, even if they don’t reply, they will be reminded of your business and the specific products or services you offer. When the time comes, and they need the service or the product you offer, you will be on the top of their mind, and they will quickly choose you.

  • Improve Customer Retention and Reduce Costs

A lot of people’s preferred mode of communication is texting, and when you communicate with your customers the same way they communicate with their friends and family, it creates a friendly relationship with them, as this marketing method is both targeted and personalized. Customers will no longer feel like they are dealing with a service provider but rather one of their friends or family. Additionally, customers report they prefer text messages that are informative and useful to them. So by strategically sending informative messages with relevant content to your customers, you’ll be able to win them over easily, and they will be more likely to keep your SMS service on.

It’s more expensive to attract new customers, but it costs so much less to keep the ones you already have. The experts behind say that customers appreciate quick and convenient service, and reading a text won’t take up much of their time, whereas answering a call will. When you provide your customers with a quick service that shows them that you respect their time, they are more likely to stay. As a result, you will manage to keep your customers for longer and won’t need to get new ones. This whole process will cost you so little compared to other marketing channels. 

  • Analytical Data

Using SMS is a great way to track your customers. You will be able to check who received your message, who read it, and who interacted with it. Knowing these details about your customers provides you with a quick overview of how your customer database interacts with your brand. 

  • Accessibility and Direct Delivery

Thanks to how simple this technology is, you will be able to reach a large number of people anywhere, anytime. This allows you to always be present for your customers. There are around 7 billion mobile phones in use in the world, and SMS seems to be the channel that is almost universal. You can technically reach every prospective customer in the world using this technology. SMS allows for quick delivery of any updates, offers, or information that you want to communicate with your customers

Many marketing companies and businesses overlook the importance of SMS marketing. Instead, they stick to other channels, such as Email, social media, or search engines. These channels are truly essential, but SMS is as important as any of them, if not more so. That’s why it’s imperative for you to use this marketing method as it poses great value and gives you a higher chance of both keeping a customer and getting a new one. While it may seem dated, SMS marketing is still a highly effective tool that can meaningfully impact your business.

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