How Can A Company Strengthen Its Image And Reputation?

Companies can go through many iterations depending on how the very top management behaves, and even the best of them can have troubles in terms of public relations and other issues that come up over time. If a company’s image is battered due to negative publicity resulting from poor management styles, or a less than worthy product, then there are ways of rectifying the damage. It doesn’t necessarily have to lead to complete disintegration – just ask the many companies that have virtually come back from the dead after a PR crisis. It’s definitely possible. 

That being said, your company will have to do a complete 180 turn over to earn back the public’s trust fast. If you are the current head of a company, be it large or small, that is struggling in terms of its reputation, then the following article should have some valuable information.

Redefine Your Brand

These days, as you may very well know, it’s all about the branding. Perhaps you are the proud owner of a company whose brand you strongly believe in, but your central message has been lost in the midst of a PR nightmare. This needs to be mitigated quickly since you want to remind people of the core reasons they value your business.

To accomplish this, revisit the assessment of your brand, what problems it aims to solve, your target clientele, and make an argument for why your company remains unique in the field. When you have this sense of clarity, people will also get a clear understanding of what you aim to do and will judge accordingly. You could consider hiring a design agency in Hertfordshire that are specialists in re-branding, this will give you the best chance to transform and relaunch your brand back into the market.

Promote a Healthy Company Culture

Almost nothing damages a company quicker these days than impassioned and angry employees taking their grievances to Twitter or Facebook. And, if your company has a track record of low and discriminatory low pay, hazardous work conditions, or so on, then the criticism on public platforms would be well-deserved.

A toxic workplace that does not value its employees does nothing at all for your company’s image. You would be well served to change this as soon as you can. This can mean taking on small interventions, or larger, more structural ones, depending upon the situation.

For example, in the age of COVID-19, few things can harm your company’s reputation more than not taking your employees’ health and safety seriously. If anyone can work remotely, then encourage them to do so. For those who need to be at the premises, make sure that your offices are thoroughly cleaned. As the experts recommend, ensure that the office is clean from top to bottom – surface cleanings will not suffice. Then, take other measures such as having employees work staggered hours, and be flexible.

For some managers, the idea of flexibility is anathemic to “good management,” but nothing can be further from the truth, especially during these precarious times. A boss who prioritizes their staff’s emotional and physical wellbeing is a beloved one who will not incur the wrath of a disgruntled public.

Other things you should be mindful of is any discriminatory behavior at your company. Mandate sensitivity and anti-harassment training. Look to your board of directors and see how inclusive and diverse it is. Talk openly about company policies and salaries, and commit to changing things from the inside out. Otherwise, you risk making performative changes that don’t get to the root cause of your core issues.

Focus on Quality

If you want to ensure that your company grows and has a happy clientele, make sure that your products or services bring value to your customers. If you notice one central principle of most successful businesses, it will be that major companies rarely spend much money on traditional advertising and rely instead on word of mouth.

If your product is excellent, it will generate plenty of buzz on its own without bells and whistles. Spend money in product development and reach out to focus groups to help you better understand your customers’ needs. Do away with any fancy advertising until you have a product or service that guarantees excellence.

Be Open About the Company’s Values

A company that openly shares with the public the values it hopes to espouse is usually one that people are more likely to trust and support. This helps consumers understand that you share their worldview, and they will in turn be happier to shop with your company.

Consumer confidence does not come easily. It is earned. However, if you work hard to engender trust in your employees and the people whose business you seek, then you should be able to find the requisite support you need, and your company will grow in spades.