How a Freestanding Tub Can Change the Look of your Bathroom

Romantic modern monochrome white bathroom interior with a freestanding boat-shaped tub and burning candles below a large view window overlooking a beach. 3d Rendering.

You are about to renovate your bathroom, and you probably want to do something different this time around. In that case, you have come to the right place because we will tell you all about freestanding tubs and why your bathroom needs one. These beautiful tubs are not just super modern but they also add a vintage touch to the bathroom. With a freestanding tub, you will be able to enjoy your bath after a long day. They also come in a lot of different shapes and sizes so you can definitely find something that will suit your needs and go with the entire look of the bathroom. After reading the article if you decide to get a freestanding tub you can get one from HomeGearX. Here are all the reasons how a freestanding tub will transform the look of your bathroom!

  • Adds to the aesthetics

There is no denying how chic these free standing tubs are. They will instantly catch your eye as you enter the bathroom. If you want to do something different for your bathroom this time around, you can go with a freestanding tub and that will set the mood and aesthetics for the bathroom. 

  • You can put it anywhere

You have a variety of choices to pick from, and you can literally find a tub in any shape and size possible. Moreover, since they have to be fit in any where you don’t have to worry about the size and measurements they should be, and alter the design of the bathroom. You can even get a freestanding tub customized to your needs and wants.

  • It will stand out 

A free standing tub is super unique to have because there aren’t a lot of people who go for it because they think its not practical. If you install this tub in your bathroom, your décor ideas will definitely stand out, and will make it look like you put a lot of effort into designing your bathroom, when you just installed a statement piece that is doing all the work for you.

  • Can be installed without any hassle

When it comes to the installation process of freestanding tubs, they are very easy to install especially compared to the built in tubs. You will only require the services of a plumber, and that will be about it. 

  • Channel your creativity

You can also be more creative with the placement of a freestanding tub because you can put it anywhere in the bathroom. You can literally have the tub under the skylight if you want to because it does not have to be against a wall, unlike a built in tub.

With that being said, there are some cons to having a freestanding tub that may potentially put you from getting it for your bathroom. These are:

  • It could go over your budget

The cost of the freestanding tub is a lot more compared to a built in one. The cost comes from the extravagant designs of these tubs and also the complexity of engineering them.

They will require a strong floor that can withstand the pressure of the tub, which is also an added an expense. 

  • You will have to install a shower

These tubs don’t come with a shower. A freestanding tub is a great option if you want something other than a shower cabin, but it can’t be the only thing in your bathroom if you don’t have shower area because than it would be impractical. However, they also come with a small rinsing off shower head if that works for you. 

  • It won’t work in a small bathroom

You will also require a big bathroom if you want to get a freestanding tub for it, because it tends to take up a lot of space. A freestanding tub is definitely not an option for smaller bathrooms.