House of the Day: the Karlusic Residence, Australia

House of the Day - the Karlusic Residence Australia 2

This contemporary house in Melbourne, Australia, was designed with one thing in mind: emphasize the nature around and keep the house simple in design, in order to avoid attracting attention towards it. Actually, the starting point of the entire structure was the 30 years old Japanese maple in front.

So with this in mind, Hirsch Bender Associates started molding the Karlusic Residence. When you look at the house from the main entrance you only see a large rectangular shape which is the house and an equally simple and minimalist wall facing the street. From this perspective the residence doesn’t say much, but once you step inside, everything changes.

Starting with the courtyard, things get warmer and more welcoming. The courtyard can be seen from every room of the house, as the entire building is created around it. Once you pass the lovely yard and the pool, you enter an even more pleasant space – the house itself.

The minimalist design continues here too, with clean, simple shapes. Warm, natural interior finishes – like the French smoked Oak flooring, the limestone floors or the Japanese handmade fabric wallpaper – give the place a special charm. The designer decided to emphasize the difference between natural and human elements, so all appliances, switches and all other forms of technology are finished in reflective metal or glass, to stand out.

And to top it all off, the Karlusic Residence is also very nature friendly. It is an energy conscious house fully insulated and heated with solar energy. The floor is heated by a low voltage electrical system, so the temperature remains constant during winter. In conclusion, the house is perfect.