House of the Day: Immense Property in New Hampshire

A palatial house in North Hampton, New Hampshire is ready to be sold in an absolute auction. If you are interested in buying a 15 acres property in the area you should hurry and contact Grand Estate Auction Co. as soon as possible, because the auction is scheduled for November 9.

This is a magnificent house with numerous rooms and a master suite larger than 1,600 square feet occupying the entire third floor – and there is an elevator if you think you’ll need one. The suite has a spacious kitchen, a sitting room, a huge bathroom (with an impressive hand made Egyptian chandelier), a laundry room and an octagonal meditation room.

The list of amenities of this residence seems to be endless. With indoor and outdoor pools, a cabana, a tennis court, a fitness center, steam and sauna, a spa and a massage room, this is much more than a home, it is also a health center. Speaking of health, we should not forget the gourmet kitchen where only the best (an the healthiest, at your request) foods are prepared. We didn’t mention yet the entertainment facilities that can be found here: a home theatre with 13 highly comfortable seats and a smart home system. The latter controls all electronics – inside or outside the house.

This is also an environment-friendly mansion, as it has an underground storage tank to collect water form the rains, and it uses geothermal energy which is said to have no negative impact on the environment, or very little if at all.

Prospective bidders are offered a four-day tour of the house before the actual auction begins. We can’t say whether or not the tour includes some delicious meals and a spa treatment, but we believe bidders would be much more inclined to pay through the nose for the house if it did. Find out more about the auction at Grand Estates Auction.

House of the Day Immense Property in New HampshireHouse of the Day Immense Property in New HampshireHouse of the Day Immense Property in New Hampshire

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