Hotel Caruso Belvedere, an Unforgettable Experience

The Amalfi Coast is known to be a popular tourist destination with luxury hotels and villas, situated in Southern Italy.  One of the most beautiful hotels is Hotel Caruso Belvedere, built on top of Ravello city, offering astonishing views of the sea and the coastlines.

Beyond the magnificent views, the hotel also impresses with the fine frescoes, open-air infinity pool accessed through a valley of roses, domed patio and vast, beautifully designed suites and rooms. Local and international dishes can be served at the hotel’s two restaurants. The Caruso Restaurant offers seating for 90 people and an indoor courtyard, while the Belvedere Restaurant is located in the garden and features seating for 50 people.

The hotel also features two conference rooms, two rooms for events, a beautiful private garden, balconies offering breathtaking views of the surroundings and anything else your heart desires.

This luxurious hotel, which is nearer to the sky than to the shore, offers an unforgettable experience which you can’t deny.

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