Holtkamper Kyte Tent Trailer for Amazing Camping Experiences

Holtkamper Kyte Tent (10)

Camping has never been easier and more enjoyable! The Holtkamper Kyte tent trailer makes any outdoor expedition a wonderful experience with enhanced comfort for the entire family. With its outstanding gadgets, technologies and innovations, this tent trailer might just be the best one out there. The suspended carbon mast of the awning gives the tent enough resistance to face storms, while also keeping it extremely lightweight.

The Kyte tent trailer has hot plenty of room to keep all your stuff. There is a lot of space inside the tent, plus a 1,500-liters luggage space under the bed. Another great thing about this Holtkamper product is that it allows you to access you luggage even without folding the tent out.

With a king-size mattress (210×155 cm) for the slatted bed, your sleep will be completely relaxing and comfortable. Further more, with the Holtkamper Membrane Airco Tent system, the Kyte trailer tent offers perfect ventilation, insulation and condensation prevention.

As you can see in the images and video below, the kitchen too is pretty impressive. It’s got a three-ring gas range, two shelves with drawers, a fridge, water supply and cutlery. We believe there’s really nothing more that you could ask for in a tent. With the Holtkamper Kyte tent trailer your vacations can only be amazing.

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