Hire an Entre Country for $70,000 a Night!

Hire an Entre Country for $70,000 a Night! (3)

Did you think hiring an entire hotel was a big deal? Well, we can’t say it’s not, but when you compare that to hiring an entire country, well…there’s just no comparison really. The Principality of Liechtenstein is a small alpine country in Central Europe, bordered by Austria and Switzerland. It’s area is of only approximately 160 sq. km. (or some 61.7 sq. miles) and the estimated population is of 35,000. Now this tiny country can be yours to enjoy if you’re ready to spare $70,000 per night on it.

The price includes accommodation for 150 people, so this can be an ideal deal for an unforgettable corporate vacation or a big family reunion. Also included in this price are the opportunities to visit imposing castles and enjoy the Alps with their amazing sceneries and valleys. Among the various activities that guests can engage in here are visits at the Prince’s wine cellars, snowboarding, skiing, snowshoe hiking, tobogganing, horse-drawn carriage rides through the capital (Vaduz) and of course, fireworks.

If the offer tempts you, make sure you contact Airbnb, a holiday accommodation website based in San Francisco, six moths before the actual hiring date. And keep in mind that last-minute cancellations mean a penalty of half of the down payment.

Hire an Entre Country for $70,000 a Night! (4)