Highly Exclusive Ferrari 599XX for Sale: €1.25 Million

Number 8 of only 31 limited edition units, this 2010 Ferrari 599XX is currently for sale at €1.25 million (over $1,666 million). You can find it on Jameslist together with a lot of interesting information, but what really strikes us the most is the fact that even though the buyer will rightfully own it, he or she will never have the chance to actually take it home.

It’s quite difficult for any true fan of luxury and racing cars not to be able to take care and pamper his or her most expensive purchases. Sometimes, on a rainy day, the simple visit to one’s luxe garage can be enough to restore a long forgotten smile. However, the owner of this particular automotive beauty will not be enjoying this privilege.

So how does it all work? Ferrari created the 599XX model as a follow up to the Ferrari FXX Corse Clienti program, in which deluxe clients of the brand have the privilege of participating in racing events that are organized by Ferrari all over the world. Consequently, the car will always remain in the automaker’s custody, where it will be cared-for by dedicated professionals. The owner will only have the privilege of driving it during pre-scheduled racing events.

The car will be transported to the track by Ferrari, meaning that the owner will meet the beautiful racer at destination. This particular example was driven for about 7,000 km (some 4,350 mi) and is still in flawless condition. It is powered by a 6.0-liter V12 engine that delivers 780 hp, and this force is sent to the wheels via a super fast semi-automatic paddle-shift gearbox. Given that the 599XX completed the Nordschleife in only 6 minutes and 58 seconds, you know that your winning chances are very high…but are you willing to buy a car that you can only see when somebody else dictates?