High Performance R1 Golf Driver by TaylorMade

Passionate golf players will definitely love this new Taylormade innovation. It is a brand new golf driver called R1, an excellent instrument for precision seekers. After a long research process that involved 800 regular golf players, the famous company gathered enough information to successfully develop this remarkable instrument of success.

The study showed that 80% of all players play the wrong loft, and a significant number do so by at least 2 degrees. The R1 fits all sizes and preferences, making it a right choice for everyone. With 7 face angle settings and 12 loft options, this is a truly versatile and reliable driver. Mathematically speaking, the R1 can be fit for the perfect swing in no less than 168 different ways.

Obviously, this remarkable driver also flaunts an impressive aerodynamics index, which translates to a significantly improved ball speed – by up to half a mile per hour. Aesthetically speaking, the R1 is a pleasure to look at, featuring an ergonomic design and a sporty color scheme: white, gray, black and orange. As far as texture goes, the designers had to put functionality above looks, meaning that they chose a matte finish over a glossy one. The reason behind this is the fact that a matte object has a reduced glare effect, thus helping improve the alignment. Acording to Taylormade, the R1 will be available for purchase starting February 2013.