High-End Bebop Drone By Parrot

Finding a user-friendly and reliable drone nowadays is not as difficult as it was a few years ago, but even though there are numerous high-end drones on the market right now, the Bepop by Parrot might just become the best one soon enough. Since it wasn’t launched officially just yet, we don’t have any information regarding the drone’s price or availability but we can tell you a bit about the generous amount of features that make this thing so appealing at a glance.

These features include a series of EPP hulls that can be used as bumpers should the need arise, which means that this drone could be controlled indoors without the fear of potential collisions. Other impressive additions involve a “Return Home” program and built-in GPS capabilities, but we should also mention the onboard flight computer, the 3-axes accelerometer, the 8GB of flash storage and the 4 antennas. Moreover, whoever would be lucky enough to own one of these drones could put on first person goggles in order to see through the “eyes” of the Bepop, which would be a very sharp and clear experience indeed, since the drone flaunts 14-megapixel fisheye lens. To make things even better, Parrot decided to embed a Wi-Fi hotspot into this little thing. Sounds good, right?

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