Heritage Auctions To Sell Rare 6-Sheet Casablanca Movie Poster

The beloved Casablanca classic movie is still making new fans, decades after its 1942 premiere. For them, Heritage Auctions announces a really exciting event: the Vintage Movie Poster Signature Auction where one of the only two known six-sheet Casablanca movie posters will be sold. The event will take place on March 23-24, and the large format (81” x 81”) poster is going to be the star of the sale. It is expected to fetch some $60,000.

Another extremely rare poster that will go under the hammer is 1the 932 classicTarzan the Ape Man. Again only two examples are known to exist today, making this the rarest Tarzan poster out there. The lot is estimated to get $25,000.

The list continues with a 1915 classic silent drama Birth of a Nation poster. The film is both controversial and extremely influential. This is a one sheet poster in great condition, and it is expected to sell for $20,000. The movie that it advertised boasted excellent acting and it included overtly racist themes, but it had a strong message as well.

Also a one-sheet poster of a remarkable classic is that of the 1938 reissue King Kong film. This is the only copy known in the world, which makes it more alluring than the original poster. The piece is up for auction for the first time ever, and it is believed to raise about $15,000.

Finally, Heritage Auctions has also prepared something special for animation and Disney lovers. Collectors will definitely bid-fight over this 1932Mickey Mouse one sheetposter.The remarkable piece will very likely go for $15,000.