Helen Schifter on Tips for Fostering Luxury

As a former editor at both Hearst and Condé Nast, Helen Schifter is somebody who has a unique understanding of not only the value of luxury, but also its relevance to all of our lives. What some might not realize is that luxury does not at all have to be costly. No matter one’s age, social strata or demographic, luxury can be employed as a way of fostering a pleasant lifestyle in all of our lives, regardless of one’s background or budget.

For example, as outlets like Elle Decor demonstrate, the value of designing one’s home regardless of its location, size or price can be very substantial. It  can also be a very invigorating and exciting experience. One need not have a substantial budget or consideration of onerous costs when going about interior design. Instead, there are ways to employ creative and interior design for one’s home that work out for anyone, no matter that person’s budgetary constraints. 

Whether you have a small studio apartment in the suburbs of South Dakota, or a mansion in the suburbs of Westchester county, you can appreciate the value and task of designing your own home. The process is one that will not only serve as an exciting opportunity for all involved, but will also educate one about the nature of their home, its aesthetics, and more broadly about design altogether. 

The benefits to employing luxury in one’s life, no matter the form, are immense. There are of course social benefits and others that are more obvious to the objective observer. Of course, if one plans on entertaining guests at his or her home, having a beautifully designed home can be very beneficial. Beyond the social value, when it  comes to networking and business development, having a pleasant home can be of great utility. 

Helen Schifter in Authority Magazine discussed some of the ways that there can be values that even transcend both the social and commercial aspects. Instead, Helen discusses the incredible benefits luxury and interior design can have on one’s emotional and mental health. Of course, what’s critical to recognize is the importance one should be emphasizing on one’s emotional and mental health more generally, beyond this discussion. 

Because as a society we seem to be so fixated on our own commercial success and generating as much monetary benefit for ourselves as possible, we lose sight of the importance of health and wellness. We all should be dedicating more time to enhancing our own lives through organic living and leading overall healthier lifestyles. It’s important for us not to allow the craziness and hectic nature of our day-to-day lives to lead us to neglecting ourselves, and our own personal emotional and mental health. 

But luxury doesn’t only have to take the form of interior design of one’s home or abode. Instead, there are a myriad of other ways that luxury can be employed and feelings associated with it , can be fostered. For instance, dressing up in fashionable clothing that makes one look good and feel good about themselves, can certainly qualify as luxury expenditures. And similarly to the way anyone regardless of their budgetary constraints, can employ interior design in their homes, dressing up in fashionable clothes that one can be proud of is no different. The idea of being able to look in the mirror after getting dressed up and feeling really good about the way you look, is a feeling that has incredible value on one’s confidence and self esteem, not to mention one’s mental health. 

And thanks to services like Getty Images we are also able to see the commercial value from a networking standpoint, of going out to parties, functions, receptions and the like once you do get dressed up! It  goes without saying that the value that going out in a major metropolitan area on a somewhat consistent basis, while dressed up and feeling confident, can have a very beneficial consequence on one’s business and one’s own social and commercial networks. 

Luxury is a word that goes thrown around too loosely in our judgement; in a way that makes it  seem as if it’s limited to those with seven or even eight figure annual salaries. But that’s not the case at all. And the benefits that employing luxury in one’s life can have, are immense. We urge all our readers to give it  a try. Start gradually, with baby steps. You’ll thank us later, once you start yielding the benefits that we’ve forecasted for you all. 

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