Health Testing Centers Expands Into Medical Testing

Health Testing Centers has launched a collection of at-home medical testing kits through a partnership with SelfCollect. The expansion into medical kits is meant to meet the demands of consumers who want to remain sexually responsible through testing while maintaining the utmost in privacy.

The testing kits, provided through SelfCollect, utilize CLIA certified laboratories. The partnership allows Health Testing Centers to use the experience and ease of use that SelfCollect tests have to offer. The partnership opens up SelfCollect’s decades of experience in testing for clinics, doctors and hospitals to the general public.

Male and Female testing panels are available through Health Testing Centers that will be able to detect over 40 different viruses. HPV genotyping will also be available to help reduce the risk of the virus going undetected and increasing a person’s risk of threatening cancers. This includes orally transmitted diseases that are often spotted by dentists who use sedation or laser hair removal clinics.

An 11 test STD panel is available with an early HIV detection option that can detect HIV in as little as 28 days since exposure.

“Many common STDs cause few or no symptoms. HIV causes brief flu-like symptoms in some patients, but may not cause visible symptoms for years. Early diagnosis of these serious conditions can facilitate earlier treatment and improved long-term outcomes. The HIV, RNA test allows individuals to test for the HIV virus 28 days after exposure instead of the traditional 3 to 6 months,” explains the company. Numerous testing kits are available at this time, including 11 test STD panels, MMA fighter package testing, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Candida and additional testing kits. STD panels include a free physician consultation when the customer has tested positive for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea or HSV 2. Physicians will use their own discretion when determining if a prescription is necessary to combat the infection.

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