Have A Look At Pininfarina’s Icon 85 Anniversary Collection!

Marking 85 years of existence, renowned Italian design studio Pininfarina has launched a brand new collection of elegant accessories named Icon 85. The pieces included in the collection are created using premium materials and boast exquisite details that allow them to stand out. To be more specific, the collection consists of a travel bag, a fountain pen, a writing instrument, a polo shirt, a bracelet and a pair of sunglasses, each item being limited to just 85 units.

The Lozza Sunglasses cost about $659, are made using aluminum and impress with sporty gold finishes. The Barakà bracelet comes in matte blue and costs $820. As for the fountain pen, it was dubbed Napkin Forever Pininfarina Cambiano, it costs $437, and what makes it stand out among its peers is the fact that it never needs an ink refill due to a Napkin-made patented metal alloy.


Created using high quality fabric and leather, the Bridge Travel Bag carries a price tag of $1,640. The innovative Visconti Carbongraphite writing instrument can be purchased for $2,730 and uses something called unidirectional graphite. The Polo T-shirt was made out of organic cotton and flaunts 23k gold print, which is probably why it costs $328.


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