Harold Hamm’s Divorce Might Relieve Him of $5 Billion

Divorces are usually sad and heartbreaking, but there is a whole new dimension to a divorce when it happens in the world of the rich and famous. Everything goes beyond the classic pain and suffering, when the settlement figures soar as high as $5 billion!

Believe it or not, some people don’t fight over an heirloom vase, but over fortunes so large that average people’s minds can’t even grasp. Sadly for Oklahoma oil magnate Harold Hamm, his wife might get even more than $5 billon after their adultery-marked divorce. The sum is definitely a nice source of comfort for Sue Ann Hamm, who has accused him of being unfaithful to her.

After about 25 years of marriage, Sue Ann (who was Hamm’s second wife) declared that she had found proof of her husband having cheated on her, and decided to promptly (and very efficiently!) end their ‘till life do us part’ story.

Continental Resources, the company that Hamm founded back in 1967, has assured all its investors that they should not be worried by this unfortunate event. Apparently the settlement will have no effect on the company’s operations and successful business. If Sue Ann’s claims are granted, this might just be the biggest settlement in history. What a way to set a new record!

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