Hamptons Bucket-list: Pandemic Paradise

The Hamptons are a beautiful place to escape the hustle and bustle of this current climate. In addition to the stunning estates and whimsical beaches, the food that originated it is excellent. With the pandemic still surfacing here in the United States, it makes for the perfect time to expand some culinary knowledge for those bored and stuck at home. For those who are more opulent than others, being able to try Hampton cuisine is a luxury. In addition to the extraordinary food, the Hamptons are home to thousands of the world’s most elite individuals. People like Jennifer Lopez, Helen Lee Schifter, Bethenny Frankel, Beyonce, and many more A-listers call this place home. 

Stop 1: Cowfish

This highly popular restaurant is now open! It serves an immense amount of flavor in each dish. My socialites such as Helen Schifter, Jonathan Adler, André Balazs, and many others enjoy this fine dining experience. Pictured here are their scallops and risotto. One of the most chosen items on the menu. Many people flock to this restaurant because of the very professional staff as well. It is located on the bay with a beautiful view of the ocean. In addition, they now offer curbside and dockside pick up. The location is; 258 E Montauk Hwy, Hampton Bays, NY 11946.

Stop 2: The Beaches

Coopers Beach is one of the most famous landing spots in all of Southhampton. It’s perfect for picnics, social distant activities, and cooling off in the chilly waters. Many high-class individuals, such as Helen Schifter enjoy spending the mornings there, watching the sunrise. With her daughter, she spends time doing yoga and meditating there as well. 

Pictured: Coopers Beach, Southampton, New, York 

Atlantic Avenue Beach is also a picture-perfect getaway. This beach is known for its surf gear and bigger waves. It’s definitely a place to hit up during sunset. That way, bigger crowds are avoided and the social distancing order is intact. 

Stop 3: The Estates

Of course, all the houses and cottages located in the Hamptons are exquisite. The best advice is to aimlessly drive around. Getting lost in such supreme areas is very amusing and can lead to some estates that Google didn’t even know existed. My actors, entrepreneurs, designers, and singers all own property in the area. That being said, staying in the car, just driving around might be the safest/best pandemic pass time. 

Pictured: Helen Lee Schifter’s Hampton Home

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