Hamilton Scotts Apartments Boast En-Suite Parking

You love your car so much, you feel that parting with it is always painful? Then you’re probably tired of leaving it alone in the parking lot. Wouldn’t it be great to sleep with a smile on your face, knowing that your beloved car is completely safe and only a few feet away from your bed, even if you live at the top floor of a tall building?

As unlikely as that may sound, this is actually very possible, as the Hamilton Scotts apartment building in Singapore proves. This luxurious condominium features state-of-the-art En Suite Sky Garages, which can take your beloved vehicle to your own home via an elevator. No more underground parking for the owners of these apartments!

The building boasts a total of 54 apartments with three bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and private garages that are separated from the spacious living areas by a glass wall. Just imagine what a perfect focal point would a Bugatti or Lamborghini make in your home!

The mechanism behind this intricate parking system is fascinating. To park your supercar in your lavish penthouse, you need to pull it into a certain spot, from where it will be sent directly to your home. For the vehicle to be sent to the proper apartment, the owner needs to have his or her thumb scanned, and the computer will instantly know what to do next.

To enjoy all this luxury and advanced technology, you need some $7.5 million for an apartment, or a whopping $24 million for a four-car penthouse suite. That is, of course, if you can trust an elevator with your million-dollar car.

Source : Raredelights Magazine

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