Gun-Shaped Makeup Sets by Ten Noten

Ted Noten is a Dutch designer who created a unique collection of items for ladies, called “Necessities for a Woman (to Feel Like a Woman Through the Eyes of a Man)”. Two of the most remarkable pieces in the series are the Chanel001 and Dior001 guns.

Don’t worry, they are not real guns, just 3D printed nylon pieces housing some totally indispensable stuff for women. Dior001 contains a lip gloss, a USB stick, a pill box, an antique hairpin and a sterling silver bar weighing 100 grams. Chanel001 gun features a lip gloss, a perfume bottle with 18-carat gold mechanism, an 18-carat gold toothpick, an antique hairpin, a USB stick, a Viagra pill and a 24-carat gold bar weighing 50 grams.

Other items in the collection are a bag, sunglasses, a helmet and more. Both guns will be on display at Art Basel, which will begin next week (from June 15-19) at the Ornamentum Gallery.

Ted Noten Gun Makeup Kit (1) 

Ted Noten Gun Makeup Kit (2) 

Ted Noten Gun Makeup Kit (3) 

Ted Noten Gun Makeup Kit (4) 

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