GTI Crazy Bob sled by Volkswagen for Extra Winter Fun

It’s the last month of the winter season, but fun in the snow is far from being over. For those who really enjoy winter sports, here is the GTI Crazy Bob sled by Volkswagen. Based on the Volkswagen GTI car model, the sled is made of cold-resistant high-quality nylon plastic, making it extra lightweight.

With a highly ergonomic design, the sled features comfy front and rear footrests. It is also easy to carry around, thanks to its reduced weight. It features a handle and a pull rope, and it requires minimal effort to transport it through the snow. Its price is €64,90 (approx. $86), but for those who want something a little cheaper and with a more classic design, VW offers a special wooden sleigh too.

Made of wood and sporting a traditional sleigh design, this model is foldable, making it easy to fit in any car. This sled too can be pulled up the hill thanks to its strong rope. Also carrying the VW signature, the wooden sled is priced at €49.9 (approx. $66).

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