Great Tips On Packing To Move To a New House

You can save plenty of time on the day by having everything packed before the move day. Fantastic Moves do all of the packing before the move, this minimizes the risk of unnecessary breakages and ensures a smooth move. However, even though we prefer to be the ones doing the packing, we understand that some customers have a preference to packing their home up themselves which is not a problem at all, so long as it is all packed correctly.

The tips below will help you to pack like a professional:

Make sure everything is packed small enough that it can fit into a box before the move day.

Start in advance by packing the items you do not use often.

Use smaller boxes to pack heavy items and larger boxes for light items. Items that are bulky can go into medium or large boxes. Our Boxes and Packing Supplies list will help you on this one.

Get clean, new moving boxes from Verde Trader. These boxes are made so that they will protect your belongings in a much better way than grocery store boxes. They are also a lot easier to pack on a truck.

Duct tape can be a nightmare at sticking to cardboard, instead of using packing tape to seal your boxes.

Make sure that all boxes are stackable when sealed (interlocking the flaps is not enough).

Use a padded tabletop for your work area when you are packing, as well as unpacking, which will reduce the risk of dropping breakables.

Use a label for each box and mark the room the box should be placed in. Labels need to be placed on the top and the sides of each box. Also, make a brief list on the label of the contents. Make sure to do this with a permanent marker.

Filing cabinets need to be empty, or at least only have the bottom two drawers filled.

Clothing can stay in dressers but breakable items need to be removed from drawers, as do heavy items.

Use bubble wrap to wrap fine china and lampshades, tissue paper and packing paper should also be used. Newspaper is not a good choice as the ink can stain.

Keep important documents, medical records and valuables separate and take these to your new home yourself.

Have a box that is labeled ‘Essentials’ for things you will need immediately once you arrive at your new home. This should be the last box to be loaded and hence the first to come off the truck at the other side.

By law, moving companies can’t transport items that are hazardous such as gasoline, ammunition, cleaning fluids, drugs, detergents, and firearms. For such items, alternative arrangements should be made.

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