Great Power, Great Responsibility: How AI is Changing Business Operations

As technology develops, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to emerge as the most advanced software that humans have ever had access to. AI today is able to both understand and respond to written prompts, images, math problems, and more. It is difficult to more than scratch the surface of the capabilities of AI, as it has now infiltrated nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. From self-driving cars to algorithms to generative AI, the world as we know it changed forever the day that artificial intelligence entered the scene.

Machine learning, deep learning, and expert systems are the most common types of AI available today. They are most effective when used in unity, and many governments or businesses are already harnessing that power in their operations and strategy. For example, Zillow’s Zestimate tool uses these three types of AI to offer data and functionality to their customers that is not yet available from their competitors. AI is helping many groups across the world to stay a step ahead of their opposition by increasing the speed, efficiency, accuracy, and quality of their operations.

It takes an army to successfully incorporate AI into business or governmental operations. However, when done correctly, these moving parts can come together to form something beautiful, and potentially never-before-seen in the technology world. See more about intelligent document processing below:

Intelligent Document Processing and AI