Gorgeous Apple Ring by Chopard

We know many ladies out there will fall in love with this piece in an instant. However, only the very privileged will have the honor to actually wear it. Created by renowned watch and jewelry manufacturer Chopard, this exquisite piece is called the Apple Ring.

Boasting numerous precious gems, the ring was designed by Cohpard’s artistic director and co-president, Caroline Scheufele, and it is part of a 65-piece collection signed by her. The company’s best artisans joined efforts to bring this jewel to life, and they worked for 250 hours with extreme patience and dedication to this end.

The result is a dazzling 56.45-grams white gold ring covered with 773 tsavorites (55.47), and 238 brown diamonds (1,704 carats). There is no word on the price, but it’s pretty obvious that the Apple Ring is not just for anybody. We kind of expect to see it soon on the delicate finger of some celebrity.

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