Golden Nissan GT-R Bold Edition by Usain Bolt

After again amazing us all with his almost superhuman speed and new world records at the 2012 summer Olympics, Usain Bolt has got another exciting thing for his fans. The 26-year-old Jamaican is also the brand ambassador of Nissan, and he recently became the company’s Director of Excitement. The new director worked together with Nissan on a very special project, destined to raise money for the Usain Bolt Foundation.

The project is a stunning Nissan GT-R with a golden exterior and matching opulent interior trims, plus an embossed signature of the athlete. This outstanding car will be auctioned off on eBay, and proceeds will be directed towards the children of Jamaica and their education through Bolt’s foundation. There aren’t many details available yet, but we bet the car is amazing in all respects.

If you don’t get the chance to purchase the car during the auction, you might be happy to learn that Nissan plans to create another one just like it, and make it available for purchase worldwide. The competition might be a little fierce, but that shouldn’t stop you from entering the battle for the Nissan GT-R Bold Edition.



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