Golden Bugatti Veyron by Metro Wrapz for Flo Rida

As if owning a Bugatti Veyron is not proof enough of your wealth, American rapper Flo Rida decided to make his an even clearer statement piece by dressing it up in a bright gold chrome color. We won’t discuss here whether the result is glamorous or plain gaudy, but we will say this: there is no way this car will pass unnoticed on the streets. And that’s probably exactly what Flo Rida was aiming for anyway.

The project was completed by Metro Wrapz, who not only covered the body in opulence, but also swapped the original rims with 24K gold ones measuring 24 inches in diameter. We can’t really decide whether this is a car to drive around and flaunt in front of people, or just to keep in a perfectly guarded and totally secret garage.

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