Gold Plated 1920 Piece-Arrow 48 Coupe for Sale

Proving that opulence has been around forever among car lovers, this extravagant 1920 Piece-Arrow 48 Coupe is plated in nickel and 23-karat gold. The car was originally built for Emerson Carey, a salt-mining entrepreneur in Hutchinson, Kansas. Carey was not the one who decked it in gold, but a later owner, who bought the vehicle in 1945. Now the beautifully preserved three-passenger car can be purchased for $300,000.

It boasts a T-head inline 6-cylinder 525-cubic-inch engine, coupled to a 4-speed transmission. The wood spokes of the wheels were plated with gold leaf and the parts that were not covered in gold, received a nickel plating. The interior trim was done in silver and the upholstery was redone in black leather. Because the spectacular tuning was done decades ago, no one can say just how expensive the whole deal was or how much gold was used in the process.

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