Gold and Swarovski Makeover for the Giant Armored Marauder

Swarovski crystals and gold work excellent together, but when you add military grade armoring to the recipe, things become a little weird. This however did not stop couture designer Gavin Rajah from using these ingredients on a consumer friendly version of the tough Marauder.

Apparently the market was thirsty for a milder version of the military vehicle, so someone had to do something about this situation. The famous designer – who also dresses up stars like Cameron Diaz and Beyoncé – decided to give it a makeover: a gold and bronze camouflage livery, plus a bunch of glittering crystals from Swarovski.

The 16-tonne vehicle was on display at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, next to a sexy model wearing camouflage red-carpet gown. Outrageous or not, the project was completed and here you have the proof in the following pictures!

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