Glamorous Spider and Dragon Phone Cases by Anita Mai Tan

Anita Mai Tan, a jewelry designer to celebrities and royalties, has recently unveiled two new glamorous creations: the Dragon and Spider phone cases meant to be worn as necklace pendants. The artist spent over 16 months working on these intricate pieces of jewelry, and she put a lot of passion and hidden symbols in each one of them.

The Spider Phone case is made of 18-carat gold, and it is decorated with 2,800 colorless and black diamonds weighing 38 carats. The spider is a renowned symbol of creativity, unity and hard work, but symbolism does not end here with this piece. The number 28 in “2,800 colorless and black diamonds” means “easy gaining wealth”, while the number 38, which indicates the number of diamond carats, means “born wealth”.

Since 2012 is the Year of the Dragon in the Chinese culture, Anita Mai Tan decided to also create a glamorous Dragon Phone case. Also made in 18-carat gold, the piece is decorated with 2,200 colorless, brown, champagne and cognac diamonds that add up to a total of 32 carats. This time the symbolic numbers are 22, which means “easy”, and 32, which means “born lucky” or “born easy”. Moreover, if you add up all these numbers (2+2+3+2), what you get is the auspicious number 9, which symbolizes physical, spiritual and intellectual harmony, leadership, and the ability to see things clearly.

Magnetic Communication Inc will auction these luxe piece of at their Sparkle Event, and they will thus support the NFTE’s noble mission of educating the young and teaching them to be successful entrepreneurs, especially those who come from low-income communities.



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