Glamorous Christian Dior VIII Ladies’ Watch Collection

The new Christian Dior VIII watch collection is a perfect answer to every elegant and sophisticated woman’s need for luxury and good taste. These ultra thin ladies’ timepieces are timeless works of art crafted with passion and minute attention to detail.

The collection is a special tribute to Dior’s affinity with the number eight, and even its name is composed of exactly eight characters: Dior VIII. The watches are available in two versions, called the Grand Bal Plume, and the Grand Bal Résille. The first impresses with delicate feathers on an openwork oscillating weight, while the latter flaunts an intricate mesh of diamonds that evoke the irresistible allure of fishnet stockings.

Beautifully decorated with white diamonds, the Dior VIII Grand Bal Plume is available in white ceramic, mother of pearl dial, and blush-pink feathers, or black ceramic, black dial and white feathers. Dior limited production to only 88 pieces of each color.

Also remarkably elegant is the Grand Bal Résille timepiece with its 22-karat white gold mesh of white diamonds. This model too is available in two versions – black or white ceramic. Delicate and precious, these timepiece were designed to look wonderful on any true lady’s wrist.

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