Gifts for Your Book Loving Sweetheart

Gifts for Your Book Loving Sweetheart

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner we’re here to help pick out the perfect book. Your sweetie will be impressed by the thought you put in to picking out the gift! Don’t have a sweetie and are a little upset at this article for reminding you? We have books for you too!

Next Therapist Please

For the romantic comedy reader, melt her heart with this love story. Both hilarious and relatable, the perfect book for Valentine’s Day.


The Engine Woman’s Light

This book will captivate the young adult you want to spoil this V-day. An awesome story set in an alternate steampunk reality.


You Are a Psychic

Inspire your loved on to hone their psychic abilities. They’ll love the easy to follow drills that help train them to literally become psychic.


Last Call America

This book is great for anyone. It’s action packed, mysterious, witty and fast pace. Pick up a copy for yourself and a loved one, you’ll have a blast reading.



Love history, sci-fi, maybe a little romance? Journeyman is the first book in the Matt Miller in the Colonies series and it is fantastic.

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