Gandhi’s Personal Letter Auctioned off for Almost $180,000

Wisdom is a priceless thing, but since auctions need actual figures to sell things, this original letter by Mahatma Gandhi went for a very definite price: $178,431. Gandhi, also known as the Father of India, was an iconic figure in the history of human kind. A devoted seeker of justice and a strong enemy of violence, the simple yet determined man gave India its freedom and made it independent from the Kingdom of Great Britain.

This 1943 letter was typed during Gandhi’s detention in India. He was writing to a fellow fighter for freedom, talking about how the country should be freed, even as the British government was limiting his liberty. Presale estimates were terribly modest compared to the final price of the document: only $23,600. At the Ludlow auction, the winning bidder paid almost $180,000 for the old piece of memorabilia.