Fun and Exciting Pedal Pub for Sale

Still putting on weight and not having time to go to the gym? Here’s an interesting solution: The Pedal Pub. The machine works on the simple principle of “Who needs horsepower when we have manpower?”

The pub can transport up to 17 people at as much as 5 mph. Ten of the participants must be pedalers, seated on the two sides of the bar, five on each side. Five more people can occupy the rear bench and two additional seats. This leaves one place for the driver, and another one for the bartender, who will keep the joy flowing into glasses.

The custom vehicle was created as an imaginative means of promoting a local tavern in the Netherlands, but it is now for sale at $40,000. The bar is equipped with a surround system and even cup holders that can keep the drinks steady while the party pedals its way to fun. This really sounds like a very entertaining way of spending time with 16 of your best friends, who shouldn’t weigh more than 300 lbs. each, for safety reasons.