Fresh News on the Famous Antilia Luxury Home

Fresh News on the Famous Antilia Luxury Home

This is not the first time we bring Antilia to your attention, but since some new information have emerged on the most expensive luxury house in the world, we thought it would be only right to share it with you.

Mukesh Ambani’s ‘humble’ home was built on a 48,780 square foot plot in Southern Mumbai, India. Now here are some details that we recently found out about, regarding the construction.

– The parking area, which can accommodate 160 cars, is actually comprised of six floors;

– There is a two story health center with all the state of the art equipment and amenities;

– The ballroom that we told you about in our first post was actually designed to look like the Mandarin Inn in New York;

– Unsurprisingly, there are several lounges in the 27-story building;

– The entire thing was designed and constructed according to an Indian tradition called Vaastu, which is basically another version of the world-famous Feng Shui system of aesthetics;

– About 600 staff members need to work full-time for the house maintenance.

Why even leave the house when you’ve got everything you need at your feet?…