Flying Hovercraft Can Tackle 20 Feet High Obstacles

Hammacher Schlemmer decided to take the hovercraft concept to a new level, and create a machine that can do more than just travel on a thin cushion of air: this baby can actually fly over water at heights of up to 20 feet. They called it the Flying Hovercraft, which is not exactly the most imaginative name they could have come up with, but it is nevertheless a very appropriate one.

The hull is made of fiberglass and PVC, which makes it lightweight, thus ideal for a flying vehicle. Powering the hovercraft is a130-horsepower engine. This, together with the 60-inch carbon and wood propeller, horizontal elevator, 1,100 rpm lift fan, and aerodynamic wings are capable of lifting the vehicle twenty feet above obstacles. Its price is $190,000, and it can be bought on the company’s official website.

Flying Hovercraft Can Tackle 20 Feet High Obstacles

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